How To Be A Good Boxer In 2021

This is a guest post by Tigran Bagdasaryan. Tigran has 15+ years experience and has fought professionally. 


2020 hit us all hard, myself included. Now that we’re more than halfway through the year, stuff has settled down a bit and we’re getting accustomed to “the new normal”. Being a good boxer is hard as it is, but this pandemic has made me realize that more excuses are being made now than ever. The world is telling you “It’s ok! Stay at home. Be lazy. Gain 20 pounds. Support small business and order that pizza! Flatten the curve, not your stomach!” That’s all total bull.
Being a good boxer in 2021 means you need to show even more discipline than ever. You’ll have fewer resources and more potential excuses. Don’t give in.

Being a Good Boxer Means Doing the Work


I’ve been disciplined for the majority of my life but when this pandemic hit, I was just as guilty as everyone else. I put on 20 pounds and stopped training as often, making the excuse that I needed my training partners and my gym to stay active. After realizing that the pandemic wasn’t going anywhere (and neither was my weight), I worked hard to get back on track.

I started with basic stuff like walking outside, then running, then finally shadowboxing in my living room. Eventually I moved my way out to a park where I had more space. This reminded me that you don’t need much to practice boxing.
Good Boxers Don’t Make Excuses

Stop coming up with excuses. Being a good boxer means that you’ll do your work no matter what. You don’t need any equipment other than a pair of running shoes to train. Lack of access to a gym means focusing more on the simple things you can do at home. Shadowboxing with or without a mirror, working on footwork exercises, jumping rope, running, anything that you can do to keep your skills sharp.

Think of Rocky running through the mountains while Ivan was using the latest technology. In a world full of Ivans, be a Rocky.

how to be a good boxer

Stop Looking for Flashy Moves


The longer I’ve been boxing, the more I realize that the flashy stuff doesn’t actually matter. The more flashy shit I learn, the less I end up using. I always find myself going back to my basic footwork, jab, and solid defense. Those basics end up solving 95% of my problems in the ring.
If you’re a beginner, you’re probably looking at highlights and tutorials online of cool-looking boxing moves. I urge you to focus on developing your basics and aiming to master them. No matter what happens in the ring, the basics are what you’ll always resort to when things start getting hairy.

As an example, if you get punched in the face you’re going to need to get your basic defense up. The advanced stuff won’t save you but good fundamentals will. Practicing your jab 10,000+ times is always going to be more beneficial than learning some sort of 20-punch intricate combo on focus mitts. Polish what you already know before you build on it.


Influencers Don’t Know It All


There are ENDLESS influencers, conmen and artists online spitting garbage that’ll just end up creating issues in the long run. Yes, some of them might be good boxers, some might just be really great at editing videos, but none of those things mean they’re good at teaching you to understand this stuff. Most influencers will skip fundamental steps in their breakdown and just take the “watch this and do as I do” approach. This is stupid.

The reason I created the Budo Boxing Blueprint is that I got tired of seeing all this crap spewed out on social media. If you’re looking for a comprehensive, complete, structured approach to boxing that you won’t find anywhere else, you need this course.

More Time Training, Less Time on The Internet


It all comes back to this. Being a good boxer means that you need to spend time boxing. Sure, do your research here and there, but don’t obsessively search Google like some nerd when you should be practicing. You’ll learn a tremendous amount just by spending time boxing in front of a mirror, going through trial and error. Every hour spent practicing; you’re inching your way closer to mastery.

Other than the Budo Boxing Blueprint, there are no shortcuts out there to getting results. And actually, even with the Blueprint, you’re going to have to put in the work. Watching the videos won’t magically turn you into a better boxer.


Focus on Your Own Journey


Most importantly of all, keep your eyes on your own path and stop comparing yourself to everybody else. You might not think you’re improving day to day, but if you stay consistent, the results WILL come. I know it sounds cliché, but the only person you need to be better than is the person you were yesterday.

Ignore everyone else who’s criticizing you but not putting in the work themselves. Don’t worry about internet clout or bragging rights just yet, stay focused on your journey. Being a good boxer is something that can only be earned through hard work and dedication.


Kickstart your Boxing Journey with the Budo Boxing Blueprint


The Budo Boxing Blueprint is a world-class online boxing course that teaches you boxing from the ground up. With instructional videos from various angles, homework and a community to keep you accountable, the Budo Boxing Blueprint is a great way to learn boxing from anywhere.

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