10 Techniques to Increase Punching Power for Boxing

Floyd Mayweather Jr., Manny Pacquiao, Carlos Monzon, and Muhammad Ali are just a few of the many boxers who have made history. 

While each of them is known for their signature moves and combos, they all have one thing in common: punching prowess.

Whether you’re an amateur boxer, just starting, or simply do boxing as a hobby, increasing your punching power is the key to succeeding in this sport.

However, amping your punching power isn’t just about packing on more muscles. In most instances, the right techniques are all you need.

Check out these fool-proof techniques for powerful punches all the time.


Protect Your Hands

Even a minor injury can affect your punching power. So never train without wearing protecting gear for your hands.

First off – you need a pair of hand wraps. If executed properly, wrapping your hand will secure your first in a way that you will be able to punch with full force.

You can also use bandages, gauze, or any padding for additional support.


Wear The Right Gloves

The next important gear needed for a powerful punch is a pair of high-quality boxing gloves.

Pick the right size of gloves. Often, you need gloves of different sizes. For example, 14-16oz gloves are recommended for training while heavier sizes (18oz-20oz) are ideal for sparring.

If you’re working on your speed, you may need to use a smaller size.

Be sure to try on the gloves with your hand wraps on. You’re aiming for something comfortable and snug but not too tight. It should also be easy to make a fist.

nazo boxing gloves


Increase Punching Power With a Heavy Bag

The punching bag is a tried and tested boxing tool that has helped shaped many boxers on the ring.

Training on the heavy bag can help improve your boxing techniques, strength and power, endurance, balance, coordination, and stability.

Before doing any heavy bag workout, make sure to:

  • Wrap your hands.
  • Do some warm-ups first. Perform 2-3 minutes of light punching while circling the bag.
  • Breathe properly.
  • Always train with proper form and technique to avoid injury.

Do The Right Exercises

There are many exercises meant to boost your punching prowess. Aside from heavy bag training, some highly effective workouts to include in your training are:

  • Medicine Ball Throw – medicine balls help generate punching power by improving range of motion, particularly shoulder rotation and a whipping arm snap.
  • Plyometric Push-Ups – these workouts target your arm, shoulder, and pectoral strength which are three major body parts that influence punching power.
  • Shadowboxing – this helps boxers focus on techniques and proper execution. 


Work Out Your Legs

Just as you want to work your upper body, you also want to train your lower body, especially your legs. 

That’s because most of your power punches will come from them. Your legs are the foundation of your strength and technique so don’t skip leg workouts like cycling, squats, jumping, and plyometric exercises.

Whenever throwing punches, you should also see to it that both your feet are firmly planted on the ground. This also helps maintain your balance should you swing and miss.

Bend your knees when throwing punches for forceful blows.

how to increase punching power


Take Care of Your Hands

You can’t throw powerful punches when your fists are hurting. 

Sore hands are common issues of boxers. But there are ways to prevent injury and speed up your recovery.

Keep these tips in mind to prevent hand injuries:

  • Don’t overtrain.
  • Stop when you feel sore.
  • Listen to your coach.
  • Follow safety directions.

If you’ve been injured, make sure to do the following:

  • Rest. Give yourself time to recover.
  • Ice your hands to reduce inflammation and pain. You can use ice baths or Epsom salt baths.
  • Do seek the care of your doctor if the pain is persistent and not responding to home treatments.


Work Your Upper Body Rotation

Increasing your punching power involves enhancing your rotational power.

Rapid rotation of the hips and torso is required to transfer force from your lower body through your fist.

To execute rapid torso rotation and deliver powerful punches and fast combinations, you need to build your rotational strength. This can be achieved by incorporating bodyweight and weight-loaded exercises in your training.

Some of the best exercises are rotational lunges, rotational sandbag squats, barrel tilt, and rope sidewinders.


Improve Your Speed

In boxing, speed is equal to power.

When you focus on speed, delivering powerful punches becomes second nature to you. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t the bulk and mass of your muscles that directly affects power. It’s the speed.

Training on the heavy bag greatly improves your punching speed. Other routines that help are jumping ropes, focus mitts with a training partner, shadowboxing with hand weights, and reflex exercises.

Using speed bags also helps improve the timing and speed of your punches.


Throw Punches With Accuracy

In boxing, there’s a saying that “you can’t hurt what you can’t hit”.

Even if you’re throwing a hundred punches, if you can’t hit your opponent, they’re useless.

That’s why heavy bag training and sparring are essential parts of boxing.

There are many ways to increase your punching accuracy. These include working on your footwork and movement play, speed, and feints.


Master Proper Boxing Form Through Shadowboxing

Shadowboxing is one of the most effective ways to increase punching power. The reason is it forces you to focus on proper form and technique.

The better your form, the more powerful and efficient your punches will be.

Shadowboxing is the best way to focus on your form because you’re not pressured to throw out fast punches. You can zone in on your form and master your stance.

It’s also a great way to improve certain skills like straight punch, jab, and uppercuts. Drill these punches as much as you can to reinforce that much-needed muscle memory.

Furthermore, shadowboxing enhances your movement and balance, which are all essential in boxing.

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